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Netflix users call ‘bull***’ after this stunt

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They thought we wouldn’t notice… Netflix began testing video promotions this week. Netflix commercials mark a binge-watchers worst nightmare, and many subscribers threatened to cancel the service altogether. But relax, people – they can be skipped.


If you can find your remote… you can use it to skip the commercial. However, all Netflix wants to do is give you new ideas for the next show to watch. So they aren’t selling you anything, per se, and hey, maybe you will see something you like. This way you can avoid sifting through the endless garbage Netflix has to offer only to switch back to ‘The Office’ when you don’t find anything suitable.


False alarm… a spokesperson said that Netflix tries many different things throughout the year (most of which don’t stick). But overall, the streaming giant wants to get you watching more and surfing less. If you are one of 130 million strong – what was your reaction? Hopefully, you left your subscription, television, and living room in-tact after hearing the news.


Facebook wants to bring you faster MRI exams

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You don’t need to be on Facebook… to “like” this news because it benefits everyone in some way. Facebook announced that their artificial intelligence lab is working toward making MRI exams ten times faster than they are now. Rather than taking up to an hour, an MRI exam could be completed in just minutes.


Yes, tests can take up to an hour… which, if you are claustrophobic, would be hell on Earth. Also, the longer people lay in that tube, the more it costs everyone because hospitals are limited in the number of exams they can complete each day.


Here’s how they’ll do it… researchers will use data to train an algorithm to recognize bones, muscles, ligaments, and various other things that we are made of. With this knowledge, artificial intelligence can create a portion of the necessary image and save time. However, researches need to do this while being sure they aren’t missing any important details that the exam would otherwise detect. And you thought Facebook was only good for leaking your information…

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Pepsi wants you to ‘do-it-yourself’

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Pepsi is looking healthy… and they are adding to that look with a $3.2 billion deal to buy seltzer-maker SodaStream. This deal is Pepsi’s latest effort to move away from high-calorie soda to healthier options. Apparently, the word is out that soda is unbelievably bad for you and you should not drink it – just kidding, we knew that, and most of us don’t care.


Here’s how SodaStream fits… with a soda company like Pepsi. SodaStream has always marketed themselves as a “healthy alternative to sugary sodas” which coincides with Pepsi’s goal of making [more] nutritious products while limiting their environmental footprint. Currently, Pepsi products are split into three categories: Fun For You (Pepsi), Better For You (diet Pepsi), and Good For You (Naked Juice smoothies).


SodaStream rebranded itself… as a sparkling water company, rather than a soda company. The rebranding paid off because SodaStream stock is up 320% since and now they have a multi-billion dollar deal with Pepsi. The deal has been unanimously approved by both companies and is expected to close in January. And if you aren’t seeking a healthy alternative, surely you will be able to make your own Pepsi with your new SodaStream.


Why can’t China get along with tech?

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Apple has removed… somewhere around 25,000 apps from the App Store in China. This move is coming on the heels of complaints and criticism from Chinese state media. Last month, eported that the App Store was exposing citizens to fake lotteries and gambling.


Gambling apps are illegal… in China and they are not even allowed in the App Store. Apple will also have the task of removing apps and developers alike, as they will undoubtedly continue to crop up. Apple is the latest tech giant to fall victim to strict Chinese regulations and content monitoring.


Not even domestic companies are safe… and even Tencent, a large Chinese tech firm, had online games banned by regulators. This week isn’t the first time Apple has had to remove apps – in 2017, the company removed apps that provided VPNs to users in China. These VPNs gave Chinese citizens the ability to access things like Google… and you should know that Google is strictly forbidden in China.