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Marijuana stocks reach new highs

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Here is what’s happening… Rival Cronos Group is up 40% over the past seven days and 11% on Tuesday alone. Tilray went public on the Nasdaq and is up over 60% since Friday, up 10% on Tuesday. Canopy Growth is up 30% since striking a deal with Corona last week. As you can see, weed stocks are going up into the clouds with these gains, and it is mostly thanks to that Corona deal.


Also thanks to Canada… don’t forget about Canada. Our neighbors to the north (or maybe just your regular neighbors, if you live there), were pioneers in legalizing recreational marijuana nationwide. Cronos, Tilray, and Canopy are all looking to capitalize on the new law and have been announcing plans left and right.


There needs to be a first… and Canada has done just that. Now, investors are hoping that other countries, especially the United States, will follow suit. However, Constellation investing in Canopy seems to be enough for investors to get that warm, fuzzy feeling that the green is known to give.


Why does Jeff Bezos need a cardiologist?

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Amazon hires a cardiologist… and a good one at that. Yes, the company hired Maulik Majmudar, an associate director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital. This announcement came from Majmudar himself as he tweeted the news to the world. However, what he will be doing at Amazon remains unclear.


We already knew… how serious Amazon is about operating in the pharmaceutical space and this could be yet another step in that direction. The tech giant acquired PillPack in June, a company that holds a pharmacy license in all 50 states. Amazon is also working with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan to lower health care costs for companies and employees alike. And, last but not least, the retailer also offers a line of private label OTC medicines.


The perfect fit… because Majmudar has experience working with healthcare and tech. Majmudar said, “The one reason I am taking on this opportunity is the possibility of making a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of hundreds of millions of individuals throughout the world.” With expectations like that, we shall eagerly wait to see the results of this new partnership. The rest of health care and pharmaceuticals – maybe not so much.

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Goldman Sachs will deliver your breast milk

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Well, this is nice… of Goldman Sachs because the company will pay for women to ship breast milk back home while they are away on business trips. The service is MilkShip, and they send breast milk overnight in a refrigerated shipping kit. While this benefit is rare, it has been done before – notably by the accounting firm EY back in 2007.


Being a parent is hard… but being a parent and working for Goldman Sachs is another level of hard.  Programs, such as this one, are becoming more common as employers realize that successful home lives often lead to better work results. So if breast milk shipping will make you happy – why not?


Not everything is so great… at other companies where some women aren’t even guaranteed paid maternity leave. Not only that, but it can be impractical to breastfeed while on the job (duh), and employers aren’t always understanding. Women are not getting the support they need from health care providers, family, or employers. But GS has the last part covered – 16 weeks


Uber can’t go public without one of these…

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Believe it or not… Uber didn’t have a CFO until today. That’s right – Uber has been operating without a CFO since 2015. But have no fear because Nelson J. Chai is here! Chai has experience as a CFO for Merrill Lynch & Co., and in case you didn’t know, Uber is going public pretty soon so this move makes a lot of sense.


They were very selective… as the ride-share company should be because it isn’t like there was a shortage of applicants. Moreover, Uber now has their guy, and he looks to be a good one. The new hire is also good news for the company because the finance department at Uber was hurting after their head of global finance left to play CFO at DoorDash.


The latest hire… out of several new hires to improve the executive ranks at Uber. The company also got another “chief” last week in former NSA official Matt Olsen. Olsen will be taking over as the chief security officer at the company. Talk about getting your $#!% together right before making the leap to go public.