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Welcome to the ‘Instagram Shop’

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Now you can shop on Instagram… and that’s just what you wanted, right? Well, on Monday the company announced that it would be giving users the ability to shop items via Stories and on the Explore page – whether you like it or not! Brands can add one product tag sticker per Story, and the Explore page will recommend brands based on your tastes.


Shopping on IG is a massive opportunity for retailers… and Instagram for that matter. The possibility exists because over 90 million accounts already tap to see tags in shopping posts. The shopping features should also fit seamlessly with the app because people already use IG to get their fashion inspiration – you know, by stalking the people they want to be.


It’s called ‘social shopping’… ever heard of it? In fact, the new app feature is eerily similar to what Pinterest just started doing with its “buyable pins” where users can purchase the items they see directly on the platform. It remains to be seen, but Instagram may also have a standalone e-commerce app in the works. The world is getting closer to becoming one BIG advertisement!

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Transportation stocks are on the move!

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Ever heard of the… Dow Jones Transportation Average? Probably not. However, it is basically the lesser known, possibly estranged relative to the Dow Jones Industrial Average…you know, but for transportation. Interestingly enough, the index has gained 9% on the year which is slightly better than the DJIA which is up 6% on the year.


You should invest in transportation… because even Warren Buffett does it. If Warren Buffet does it, you do it. Okay? Berkshire Hathaway has stakes in UPS, United, American, Delta, and Southwest. Heck, Warren Buffett has even contemplated buying an airline and said he “wouldn’t rule out owning an entire airline.” Buffett even acquired railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe for $26 billion back in 2009.


But not so fast… because high oil prices could hurt the transportation industry. Amazon also is investing in cargo freight airlines and experimenting with drones which could put a dent in transportation. Last but not least – trade tensions could drive demand down for imported goods. But for now, all is well for planes, trains, and automobiles…

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From ‘Coke’ to ‘Cannabis’

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They’re watching alright… what are they watching you ask? Coca-Cola is watching CBD, a non-psychoactive part of marijuana. And non-psychoactive means it doesn’t get you high. However, CBD can ease pain, inflammation, and nausea. The marijuana industry is growing and multiplying quickly.


First reported by Bloomberg… so we’re not making stuff up this time. Coke is actually in talks with the Canadian cannabis company Aurora Cannabis. Aurora Cannabis is also interested in producing cannabis drinks (or probably doing anything with Coke, for that matter).


Constellation, Svedka, and Casa Noble… are all investing $4 billion in Canopy Growth which is yet another Canadian marijuana company. And ever since marijuana was legalized in Canada, some of these companies are trading on US stock exchanges and getting investment from American companies. However, it seems that we are quite some time from seeing marijuana-infused Coca-Cola, but one can dream…

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Samsung: Pack your $#!&… we’re going to North Korea

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That’s right… Jay Y. Lee is headed to North Korea with other business leaders and the South Korean President Moon Jae-in Tuesday. And today marks the first trip to North Korea by a South Korean president in over ten years. The goal? To improve relations, connect the two economies, and gain access to valuable trade and infrastructure links.


Here’s how Samsung could benefit… obviously, there is an untapped market in North Korea; but it’s not just smartphones because the company also does engineering, construction, and shipbuilding. However, Lee is more or less along for the ride for now and is going out of a perceived obligation rather than a business opportunity.


Here is what the future holds… Samsung Securities, the company’s investment arm, is analyzing the potential for future business in North Korea. North Korea’s economy includes 25 million people, cheap labor, good location, and untapped natural resources. These attributes are all perfect for business, but all of that is easier said than done and any company has their work cut out for them dealing with the “ruling regime.” Kim Jong Un doesn’t like many people – except Dennis Rodman. He loves Dennis Rodman.

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