A lesson on ‘corporate culture’ brought to you by Uber

When will your people start behaving… is what many are asking Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi who has been tasked with fixing the brand’s image. However, the NY Times reported Friday that the company COO Barney Hartford, a Khosrowshahi hire, made insensitive comments to women and minorities. This news coming shortly after Uber’s head of human resources, Liane Hornsey, left the company following an internal investigation on how she handled racial discrimination claims in the company.

Changing one person is difficult… but changing an entire corporate culture is a different animal entirely. But Uber will need to find a way to remedy the situation, and fast, because each incident has us wondering if they will ever learn.

It shouldn’t be that hard… for executives and other company personnel to stay in line – just be nice and play nice with others, right? That may sound easy enough to you or me, but we know how ‘other’ people are. For this reason, Uber is possibly overdue for a “zero tolerance” policy that can demonstrate that the company does not stand behind any type of discrimination. Maybe they can take a lesson from Google’s “don’t be evil” approach?

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