Amazon is coming to a theater near you

They are changing everything… so why not movie theaters next? That is what Amazon is asking as they are in the running to purchase Landmark Theaters. Landmark Theaters is a small chain of around 50 theaters that shows independent and foreign movies. However, the company is controlled by Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner – a name or two you may recognize.


Why do they even want a theater… actually, this is something we touched upon last week with mattress company Casper moving to brick-and-mortar locations. Amazon may see value in having a significant online presence and physical presence in the future. The move could also bolster Amazon’s reputation for their digital entertainment offerings.


But unlike pharma… where Amazon showed their intention to enter the market and made investors freak out, the same response was not there upon the theater announcement. Shares of AMC and Cinemark were actually up on Thursday. However, you never know because Amazon has a way of disrupting just about everything – it is possible that movie theaters could be next.