Amazon: Screw your $60 Alexa microwave

Amazon doesn’t care if they make money… off Alexa, at least. In fact, the $60 the company gets from you for your “Alexa microwave” is entirely beside the point. Sounds weird, right? But it’s Amazon – what do you expect? There is a much bigger purpose for the Alexa voice assistant.


Amazon will cash in… when Alexa users buy things off their website, use Amazon Prime content, and use Amazon Web Services. The data that Amazon gets from Alexa is also invaluable to the company. For Alexa to do her job correctly, she needs to know the dirty details about your life. For example, the Alexa microwave can report back to its boss (Amazon) what you eat and when you eat.


And lastly… Amazon wants Alexa to take over your LIFE. Soon Alexa will be used in home and out-of-home. On Thursday, the company announced Echo Auto, which allows Alexa to come along on your daily commute. It is 2018 after all and about time we have robots that can answer all of our questions and keep us company, right?

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