Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals, right?

Believe it or not… Apple and Samsung are ‘frenemies,’ so to speak, in the never-ending smartphone battle. However, such a relationship has proved to be a profitable one as far as both parties are concerned. And now, the South Korean electronics maker is expecting to make as much as $15.6B in operating profit from June to September from its business with Apple.


Here’s how Samsung help Apple… Samsung provides the flexible screens that Apple is using in its new iPhones. In fact, Apple is one of Samsung’s largest customers in this space, accounting for 25-30% of display division sales. The display division itself accounts for about 10% of Samsung’s total sales.


Despite these sales… analysts are expecting Samsung to report disappointing smartphone sales. Competition from companies like Apple is putting pressure on the world’s largest smartphone maker to remain competitive in the high-end market. Hm, maybe this relationship is more one-sided than we thought?

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