Apple presents the same old, same old…

How will Apple top the iPhone X… answer: they will not. However, the tech giant could prove me wrong on September 12th when the company announces the latest iPhones and newest gadgets. Although, many people are anticipating the same device with different colors – so we’ll see.


More options for you… which could include new colors, sizes, and price points (in case you don’t want to drop $1,000 on a phone). We may also see the new iOS operating system and fresh takes on the Apple Watch and Air Pods. You know – just enough of a change so that your costly technology becomes old news.


Apple is so predictable… or at least they have been in previous years. Every other year there is a significant update and in-between we see less exciting minor updates to existing products. And Tim Cook gets up on stage and tells you how great his company is. Last year was the exception – it was also Apple’s 10-year anniversary, so they had to do something. This year you can expect nothing new and a Tim Cook monologue – enjoy.