Better consider bringing a carry-on

And only a carry-on… because checking your bag will now cost $30 instead of $25 with United Airlines. The second bag, if you need it, will cost $40 instead of $35. However, if you have the MileagePlus Premier status, you can continue to check your luggage for free. For the rest of us, just get through security with your “carry on.”


For the greater good… of all airline passengers because United plans to invest in the “overall customer experience” with the increase cost. And the company is offsetting their rising costs by charging passengers more. Not that you can blame them – many are expecting airlines to see a significant drop in profits for 2018.


This isn’t a coincidence… because fuel and labor costs have been climbing and eating airline profits. JetBlue, Air Canada, and West Jet all increased the price of checked bags in similar amounts. So your ticket won’t cost more – but everything that you pay for after buying your ticket will cost more. And despite rising costs, United stock is up 27% this year.

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