Cadillac is BACK….in Michigan…

Cadillac is going to Michigan… and GM plans to move the company’s headquarters back to Detroit near its technical center. And if you’re wondering what a “technical center” is, it is where GM gets most of their vehicle design and engineering done.


GM and Cadillac are close… but not that close, and the Cadillac will remain its own brand and business. Cadillac has big plans for the future that include luxurious electric cars and self-driving vehicles. For this reason, the company thought it made sense to bring the marketers and executives closer to the design team in Michigan.


Forget New York… because Cadillac would like to. Since moving to the Big Apple, Cadillac has seen US sales and its luxury car market share decline slowly but surely. However, global sales have done significantly better, up 45% over the same period. And apparently, the international market is where it’s at – 60% of Cadillac sales are now sourced outside of the US compared to 40% three years ago.

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