China is an independent country and doesn’t need no America

No more foreign tech… because Alibaba, China’s largest tech company is planning to develop artificial intelligence chips and use them for cloud computing, internet-connect devices, and many other things. According to the company’s chief technology officer, Alibaba’s advantages in algorithms and data give the company an edge in chip-making.


Here’s what Jack Ma thinks… America rules the market for chips, and that needs to end. If America stops selling chips to China, then what? This lack of diversification is the reason why Jack Ma is advocating for home-grown technology. You can’t fault the logic because the US Commerce Department just stopped American companies from selling parts to ZTE, a Chinese tech company (although both parties have made up since).


Let ZTE be a wake-up call… because relying too heavily on foreign technology, or probably foreign anything, can put you in a vulnerable position. However, that is easier said than done and China has some catching up to do. But hey – just how hard can making super high-tech artificial intelligence chips be….

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