Chipotle is fixing their people

Here is how Chipotle will fix… poisoning their customers in hoards. CEO Brian Niccol announced that the company will be retraining every Chipotle employee on food safety. If you are wondering how many people will be receiving this training, it is in the ballpark of 70,000.


Food safety will be on the final exam… because Chipotle will also be testing employees to make sure they know what they need to know. This is good news because in 2016 the company quietly shut down all stores for a few hours to talk about food safety. In 2018, rather than a short discussion, employees will be trained not to poison you.


A zero-tolerance policy… is what Niccol is instituting and that may be the company’s only option at this point. The policy means employees that do not follow food safety standards will be terminated immediately. And if you are a real risk-taker, consider visiting Chipotle once again – we hear that the company has added bacon and nachos to the menu. Also, please let us know how you are feeling