Coffee is better with a little ‘Coke’

Coca-Cola is makin’ moves… last week we learned the beverage company went in on the sports drink BodyArmor, and now they have spent $5.1 billion for the UK coffee chain Costa Coffee. The acquisition will give Coke access to coffee vending machines, on-the-go outlets, and ready-to-drink iced coffee and beans from Costa Coffee’s roastery.


Now, they will sell everything… water, soda, sports drinks, coffee – you name it, Coca-Cola has it. Now, Coke can offer its food service customers, like restaurants and movie theaters, everything they need. Thus, rather than opening Costa locations in the United States, we may begin seeing the company’s products popping up here and there.


The move is more significant… in other countries, where Costa Coffee has a considerable presence. Costa has 4,000 stores across 32 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. These physical stores will also allow Coke to sell their other products directly to customers, rather than going through grocery stores, gas stations, and other distributors. So you could say that finding Coke [products] just got a little easier…

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