Disney is now an even “happier” place than it already was

Disney World Resort workers… got a little richer as the company announced starting pay of $15 per hour for amusement park workers. The pay increase is the result of negotiations between Disney and union members. The $15 per hour wage marks a 50% increase in minimum pay.


Not a done deal… but really, it is a done deal. The pay increase still needs to be voted on by the union, but really, that is just a formality, and the answer will be a resounding ‘yes.’  Workers will also get $1,000 bonuses that they were promised earlier in the year and retroactive pay of .50 cents per hour for all hours worked since September 2017.


So who gets this money… mostly food service, custodial, hotel, and park employees. This deal has been in the works for quite some time; however, the details still had to be ironed out. Some of the details included scheduling and paid time off which are rather important, as well. However, it seems that everything was figured out and Disney just got a little happier (if that was even possible).