Disney is pushin’ their luck

Disney is pushin’ their luck

Affordable(ish) family entertainment… and it is only getting less affordable with ticket prices climbing 20% over the past five years. However, it is the $299 admission price to attend a six-hour preview of their new attraction, Pixar Pier, that has people upset this time.

But Disney wants you to know… they are not greedy. Even with their high ticket prices, public demand is holding strong. Higher prices aim to mitigate demand and increase profits for the company. However, internal projections at Disney say that admission prices could go much higher without driving away too many customers.

It is for your own good…because the last place you want to vacation is an overcrowded Disney park. Disney hopes to use pricing and increased capacity to influence and manage park attendance on any given day.

Money saving tip: Go stand in line at the DMV – it’s not “the most magical place on Earth,” but the experience is eerily similar.

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