Dollar General can’t stop, won’t stop!

I don’t care how much money I make… because I will never stop shopping at Dollar General. However, that is a moot point because I don’t make a lot. But even as the economy strengthens, consumers aren’t going to fancier retailers – they are remaining loyal to DG.


Wall Street THOUGHT… that people would stop going to Dollar General because of low unemployment, increasing paychecks, and the overall confidence in the economy. Consumers were expected to upgrade to Target and Walmart – you know, depending on how “well” they were doing. However, we are finding that the economic “come up” hasn’t been equal for all.


So, not everyone is doing well… and there are plenty of low to middle-income customers for Dollar General to cater to. But don’t give all the credit to the poor people (just kidding), the company has done some good things on their own, such as opening stores where the big box retailers aren’t. The company has also remodeled stores and added ‘queue lines’ to encourage impulse buys – candy, nail clippers, pet food. You name it; it is probably somewhere in the queue line.

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