Don’t quit your day job

Or maybe you should quit your day job… because that is what Ray Chan, co-founder of 9GAG, chose to do and it has served him well. However, Chan’s story is not one of spontaneity where he lets his boss have it and goes on to be a wild success. Instead, Chan took a slow and steady approach (probably putting in a two-week notice), running his website for four years until he could match his current salary and quit his job.

Going all in… is precisely what Chan did and it worked – 9GAG now has more than 100 million global fans across Facebook and Insta. However, he didn’t need to sacrifice the comfort of a stable job to accomplish this. He took a conservative approach, which he attributed to his “humble upbringing.”

You are not Steve Jobs… or Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg – but that’s okay. And no matter how successful one person is, their advice is often not even applicable to most of us. Rather than being a clone of someone successful, create someone successful in yourself. Chan remained true to himself and although his story may not be the most exhilarating, it worked. So don’t spontaneously quit your job – you know, unless that’s your thing.

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