eBay is taking Amazon to court!

If you can’t beat ‘em… you should sue ‘em. eBay is filing a lawsuit against Amazon alleging that the company fraudulently led high-value sellers away by using an internal messaging system called M2M. eBay also stated the Amazon is “unwilling to fairly compete for third-party seller business.” In a nutshell, Amazon is [allegedly] a big cheater!!


Here’s how they got caught… eBay monitors its messaging system for unauthorized use. However, eBay only caught Amazon a few weeks ago when a seller informed the company about the Amazon reps. From there, eBay discovered messages from a “large number” of Amazon representatives.


eBay also emphasized… that their company is a “pure open marketplace” that doesn’t compete against its sellers. Amazon can’t claim the same thing because they make their own products that compete directly with other sellers; but something is making customers switch over to the dark side. Maybe it’s the two-day shipping?

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