Everyone is ditching Snapchat

Everyone’s leaving Snapchat… and now the list includes Imran Khan, the company’s chief strategy officer. Others that have left include CFO Drew Vollero and VP of Product Tom Conrad. The company has also been without a COO since Emily White left in 2015. And while there haven’t been any high profile departures, investors are still wondering what is going on at Snachat.


Hopefully, you didn’t buy Snap’s… IPO at $17 per share. Today, the stock was trading in the single digits and was at an all-time low last week. Needless to say, the revolving door of executives and the recent drop in daily users will continue to drive the share price down.


Investors seem to believe… that Snapchat could use an executive that can command both the respect of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Currently, Snap appears to be run by a bunch of damn kids. But maybe the company just needs someone who will stick around…whether that be executives or daily users.

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