Facebook wants to bring you faster MRI exams

You don’t need to be on Facebook… to “like” this news because it benefits everyone in some way. Facebook announced that their artificial intelligence lab is working toward making MRI exams ten times faster than they are now. Rather than taking up to an hour, an MRI exam could be completed in just minutes.


Yes, tests can take up to an hour… which, if you are claustrophobic, would be hell on Earth. Also, the longer people lay in that tube, the more it costs everyone because hospitals are limited in the number of exams they can complete each day.


Here’s how they’ll do it… researchers will use data to train an algorithm to recognize bones, muscles, ligaments, and various other things that we are made of. With this knowledge, artificial intelligence can create a portion of the necessary image and save time. However, researches need to do this while being sure they aren’t missing any important details that the exam would otherwise detect. And you thought Facebook was only good for leaking your information…