From ‘Coke’ to ‘Cannabis’

They’re watching alright… what are they watching you ask? Coca-Cola is watching CBD, a non-psychoactive part of marijuana. And non-psychoactive means it doesn’t get you high. However, CBD can ease pain, inflammation, and nausea. The marijuana industry is growing and multiplying quickly.


First reported by Bloomberg… so we’re not making stuff up this time. Coke is actually in talks with the Canadian cannabis company Aurora Cannabis. Aurora Cannabis is also interested in producing cannabis drinks (or probably doing anything with Coke, for that matter).


Constellation, Svedka, and Casa Noble… are all investing $4 billion in Canopy Growth which is yet another Canadian marijuana company. And ever since marijuana was legalized in Canada, some of these companies are trading on US stock exchanges and getting investment from American companies. However, it seems that we are quite some time from seeing marijuana-infused Coca-Cola, but one can dream…

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