Fruit and vegetable lovers may find Costco’s latest deal ‘Apeel-ing’

Backed by Bill Gates… and just signed a deal with Costco (COST) – the start-up company Apeel Sciences is looking fresh. The company aims to reduce waste by extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Not only will you throw away less food, but you will also have higher quality produce for longer. Apeel uses plant-based materials to create an invisible, natural coating applied to fruits and veggies.

The FDA approves… and has designated the product as “generally recognized as safe.” This is helpful because many people are wary of produce sprayed with anything extra. The coating is designed to be tasteless.

Look out for… the Apeel label in-stores such as Costco and try the product for yourself. Hopefully it can live up to the hype because this could generate huge savings for grocery stores and consumers. The company aspires to take their products to make a dent in the $2.6 trillion food waste cost worldwide.

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