Get off your phone (after you read this one…and the next one)

More than half… of teenagers actually admitted to using their smartphone too much. A quarter of these kids said they feel anxious, lonely, or upset without their phone. And hell, I do, also – how else can one avoid looking like a loser while standing in public alone or escape boredom while on “the John.” Answer: you can’t.


But I am beyond help… however, kids aged 13 to 17 are not. Doctors are concerned that too much screen time can negatively impact everything from cognitive development to social skills. This issue is now coming to light because teens haven’t had such universal access to these devices in the past. 95% of teens in the United States have smartphones now.


The good news… is that kids are supposedly trying to cut down on their smartphone use (or at least they say). However, teenagers may need to take matters into their own hands considering adults aren’t much better about staying off their phones. Or maybe we are just all doomed..