GM and Honda: Two bitter rivals join forces

GM and Cruise… have been working diligently on self-driving versions of the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car and are planning to deploy them for public use in 2019. And now, Honda has decided to join the party. With Honda’s investment of around $2 billion over 12 years, Cruise will build a vehicle we have never seen before!


This car… won’t have any controls – because you won’t need them (you know, until you do need them – then you’ll really need them). However, this vehicle will be “free from constraints of vehicle design and having a driver at the wheel.” There is currently no timeline for when exactly these bad boys will hit the road, but safety is [obviously] imperative.


Honda and GM… go way back. The companies have been working on electric car battery technology and hydrogen fuel cells which can extract energy electricity from hydrogen (whatever that means). GM stock went up 2% on Wednesday with the news.

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