Goldman Sachs is for the people!

More than just a Wall Street bank… because Goldman Sachs has been reaching out to consumers like you and I, and the banking giant just introduced its new home improvement calculator. What does this mean? Well, it looks like Goldman Sachs is going to be giving out more home improvement and personal loans very soon.


You’ll find Goldman Sachs… under the company’s online Marcus brand, which launched in 2016. The company has been taking deposits on the banking side and looking to lend that money out through personal loans. Not a bad move either – the economy and job market are both doing well, and people are very willing to take on more loans.


What lies ahead for GS… possibly more consumer banking, as other parts of the business have been slowing down. The bank could expand into life insurance, mortgages, auto loans, and wealth management services – basically everything your current bank does. But in the meantime, GS will look to keep growing what they already have and lend more money. Anyone need a loan?

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