Goldman Sachs will deliver your breast milk

Well, this is nice… of Goldman Sachs because the company will pay for women to ship breast milk back home while they are away on business trips. The service is MilkShip, and they send breast milk overnight in a refrigerated shipping kit. While this benefit is rare, it has been done before – notably by the accounting firm EY back in 2007.


Being a parent is hard… but being a parent and working for Goldman Sachs is another level of hard.  Programs, such as this one, are becoming more common as employers realize that successful home lives often lead to better work results. So if breast milk shipping will make you happy – why not?


Not everything is so great… at other companies where some women aren’t even guaranteed paid maternity leave. Not only that, but it can be impractical to breastfeed while on the job (duh), and employers aren’t always understanding. Women are not getting the support they need from health care providers, family, or employers. But GS has the last part covered – 16 weeks