Here is a robot we could ALL use

The future is upon us… and pretty soon we will have robots cleaning up after us – and what is more futuristic than that? Researchers at MIT are creating robots that can understand objects to help automate tedious chores like cleaning. This robot isn’t just useful for cleaning up your crap – it also could be used to pack boxes in warehouses.


Okay, we do already have robots… but these cannot think for themselves, which makes them so much less futuristic. Robots developed by MIT could understand how to pick-up and pack objects into boxes – just like humans already do. And I know what you’re thinking, ‘Robots are going 2 steal our jobz!!!!’ Well, yeah – probably…but maybe try doing a better job so that doesn’t happen.


Here’s how they work… it is actually a robotic arm that examines and analyzes different products to understand what they have in common. After looking over different shoes, this robot could learn where the laces should be. Okay, not that impressive, but we’re getting there people.

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