IBM: It’s blockchain or death

Going all-in on blockchain… with 1,500 employees working on over 500 projects that incorporate the technology into shipping, banking, healthcare, and food safety. Really…food safety? Many people associate blockchain with cryptocurrency, but it actually does have other uses. However, the greatest promise does seem to be in finance.


But this is what IBM does… they invest in up-and-coming tech and blockchain is no exception. But make no mistake – blockchains use is limited. The technology is used as a digital tracking system which can increase efficiency and enable data sharing from one industry to the next.


Enough with the research… which is about all IBM has done so far. To succeed, IBM needs to produce blockchain for commercial use and make it easy to use. In a perfect world [for IBM], the company will be able to innovate for the future. However, innovation is difficult for a company that is heavily focused on meeting the day-to-day needs of existing customers. Maybe IBM customers should stop whining and let these people build our future! Sheesh.