If fireworks aren’t safe, I don’t know what is

Posted by Sanebull on
If fireworks aren’t safe, I don’t know what is

Fireworks are not safe… however, I am not here to bore you with the dangers of mixing alcohol and explosives – you can figure that one out. I am here to let you know that fireworks are a $1.24 billion industry and our friends in China are the leading exporter of them. With the Trump administration compiling a $200 billion list of products to slap duties on, fireworks are fair game.

Okay, they are safe for now… because companies like Jake’s Fireworks, American Promotional and Phantom have stocked up for America’s 242nd birthday. Yes, the 4th of July is America’s unofficial season for fireworks. Every firework company knows this and prepares accordingly.

As if they weren’t expensive enough… the taxes would likely be passed on to the firework-buying party animals themselves. Given that 85.6% of the world’s fireworks come from China, you may be paying a little extra to celebrate the birth of America next year.

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