If the shoe fits, it probably actually doesn’t

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If the shoe fits, it probably actually doesn’t

Some of us avoid running like the plague… however, for those who don’t, Adidas has some good news for you. The company is working hard to allow you to buy athletic shoes tailored to your specific needs in-store. If anything screams ‘futuristic’ it is motion capture tech, data analysis software, and 3D printing collaborating to create the precise and perfect fit for you.

Is this necessary…well, yes because there is a good chance that your feet aren’t the same size and you run weird. So being able to create any custom shoe on a made-to-order basis is how Adidas will make up for that. They are not quite there yet, and speed is what they need. As you can imagine, the company makes a lot of shoes – 400 million pairs in 2017. Given such demand for shoes, time is of the essence when producing them.

Oh, and one more problem… Nike sold an athletic shoe with all the futuristic frills that Adidas has been working toward. That shoe was the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint which was produced in a small quantity and retailed for $600. So until Adidas or any of its competitors can cater to their consumers’ impatience and frugality, you will be settling for shoes that ‘kinda sorta’ fit.

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