Is AT&T out of their mind!?

They’re taking on… Google and Facebook in the advertising space with a new business of their own. AT&T announced its new advertising division, Xandr, and a plan to create targeted TV and online advertising. The ads will be shown on channels like CNN and will be different depending on who is watching.


This isn’t new… but targeted advertising is particularly interesting for AT&T because it now owns cable channels through its acquisition of Time Warner. Time Warner, now WarnerMedia, comes with CNN, TNT, HBO, and several other high-profile channels. The company also has plenty of existing relationships with its hoard of wireless customers.


The ad business is vital to… “fuel the great content being developed,” according to CEO Brian Lesser. And paying for content, such as HBO, doesn’t come cheap. The company aims to give you an HBO experience that is always up-to-date and highly entertaining – you know, so customers don’t get bored and leave.

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