Is Papa John’s really going private?!

If you wanted Tesla to go private… sorry, that ain’t gonna happen. However, if you want a company to go private for the sake of going private – Papa John’s may provide that fix for you (you weirdo). That’s right – shares of the pizza chain were up 8% after the Wall Street Journal reported that Trian Fund Management is considering taking the company private.


But not so fast… because there are no promises (or tweets) that have confirmed this is actually going to happen. Trian contacted Papa John’s to gather information about possibly making a bid. But with all of the controversy surrounding the company, one has to wonder if they won’t seriously consider the offer.


Papa John’s is still feuding… with Papa John Schnatter himself. If you can believe it, Schnatter still owns nearly 30% of the company’s shares. And interestingly enough, whenever news about this guy getting the boot gets reported, shares of the company surge. Maybe this guy should take a hint?

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