It’s a cauldron. It’s a grill. It’s a smart speaker?

Brought to you by Samsung… is the Galaxy Home. The Galaxy Home is a smart speaker with an unusual design that aims to compete with Amazon, Google, and Apple. And better late than never – Amazon has been in the smart speaker game since 2014.


Hey Bixby… is the phrase you will be using to speak with your speaker. That is the extent of what we know about this speaker because Samsung has not released the cost or what the speaker even does. However, Bixby should integrate well with the company’s connected cars, premium audio, and artificial intelligence.


Bixby will be different… or at least it should be if Samsung expects any of us to buy it. Samsung demonstrated Bixby’s ability to have a conversation with you – which isn’t particularly impressive because Google and Amazon speakers have already been able to do that. What else ya got, Bixby?? I guess we’ll see…

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