It’s Papa Johns now, not Papa John’s

Here’s the latest… Papa John’s is looking to change their logo. In August, the company filed a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the updated look. The new look comes on the heels of two ad campaigns centered around winning back customers that are currently leaving in droves.


The new logo is said to be… “more streamlined, more contemporary” according to a professor of marketing at NYU. And we agree – the old logo looks boring and outdated. The new logo reads “Papa” and “Johns” in two rectangular boxes and is notably missing the company’s “Better ingredients. Better pizza” slogan. Oh, and they dropped the apostrophe…so you know it’s not John Schnatter’s pizza anymore (is that petty?).


So, why don’t they change the name… well, although it is tainted, the Papa John’s name still resonates with pizza lovers everywhere. John Schnatter would probably have to do something truly vulgar to make the company drop the name entirely. Until then, it looks like dropping the apostrophe will do the trick?

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