John Hancock: Save MONEY by getting your @$$ in shape!

Giving discounts for exercise… and other healthy habits is what John Hancock is giving its life insurance customers. That’s right – all life insurance policies through the company will come with a free version of its wellness program called Vitality. With the program, customers can log their fitness and health data and get discounts at places like Amazon and can receive up to 15% off annual premiums.


You see the goal here… is to get people healthier and living longer so that they don’t have to pay up when you drop dead of a heart attack at 30. And while you’re still kickin’, the company gets loads of free data on you and can build better relationships with customers.


About 40% of people are doing it… and the other 60% couldn’t be bothered. However, the ones that are doing it check in on Vitality an average of 40 times per month. The new program aims to engage policyholders and attract younger ones who don’t think they need life insurance. We know you, in particular, are invincible – but maybe you should consider life insurance…you know, just for fun.

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