Kroger is really going to China

Now that they’re doing online groceries… Kroger wants to be in China’s online grocery market, too. The company will start by selling its Simple Truth-brand products on Alibaba’s Tmall Global site. FYI, Tmall is Alibaba’s e-commerce platform for foreign brands. And yes, I said ‘FYI’ like a smug douchebag – but I promise, I didn’t know what Tmall was either.


Expanding is excellent for Kroger… because now, not only is Kroger expanding their online presence, they will also be going overseas for the first time.  Thanks to technology, companies like Kroger no longer need a physical presence to have a presence in China or any other coveted markets. Expanding to a new market should better allow them to compete with the likes of Amazon and Walmart in the never-ending war of online groceries.


Joining forces with Alibaba… gives Kroger access to China’s massive markets. However, Kroger is not the first to get this idea – we have seen companies like Starbucks and Walmart do similar things. It looks like North America is old news…just kidding, we are still a huge deal to everyone who is anyone (am I right!?).