Marijuana CEO: The US needs to relax, man

This guy isn’t just some pothead… he’s the head of a publicly traded cannabis company, as well as a pothead. The CEO of Canopy Growth, Bruce Linton, thinks laws prohibiting marijuana could loosen up soon (for the record, we don’t know if he smokes weed, but hopefully he does). Linton cited the fact that Republicans have had a history of supporting state rights. And what do ya know? Several states have legalized marijuana.


California and Massachusetts… could be given the “green” light by federal regulators to sell and possess marijuana in small amounts. However, pot being illegal hasn’t stopped American companies from joining the fun. Constellation Brands, the owner of Corona, recently spent $4 billion to own part of Canopy Growth.


Canopy has been killing it… but they aren’t the only ones. Cannabis companies Tilray and Cronos are both up this year as investors anticipate significant sales as the marijuana legalization in Canada comes closer. And it’s not just cannabis companies – beverage makers and pharmaceutical companies are looking to get in, too. But for now, the United States largely remains grounded from what otherwise could be spectacular highs.

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