Microsoft is getting into politics

When you think election meddling… I bet you think of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as the primary vehicles for disinformation. However, Microsoft presents another target for hackers to, well, hack. Our friends at Microsoft have realized this and created their “Defending Democracy Program” as a solution.


Free security for ALL… just kidding, it is free security for some. That ‘some’ being election candidates and relates parties; they will be protected with the Microsoft’s AccountGuard. AccountGuard is a service that alerts organizations when attacks are detected and also offers education on cybersecurity. Microsoft isn’t the first of its kind to do this – Google has a similar product in their ‘Advanced Protection’ program.


Don’t be like Facebook… and companies are trying to avoid the bad news that has followed FB since the 2016 election issues. Additionally, AccountGuard will probably be an excellent form of marketing for Microsoft because most people forget they even offer cybersecurity. And while this effort is nice, it probably won’t make much of a difference because the problem is too big for Microsoft alone. But we appreciate the effort to stop those damn Russian hackers.