No one is perfect – so give yourself some credit!

We usually talk about the stock market… here at Sanebull. However, you will have to hit it big (really big) in the market to avoid having to worry about that credit score of yours. But today we have excellent news – you don’t need a perfect credit score, or even a high credit score – all you really need is a ‘meh’ credit score to thrive in this world!


Just make it to 760… and really, you have made it. Once your credit score hits 760, you will be eligible for the best interest rates, according to Greg McBride, the chief analyst at Bankrate. It’s essential to get started building credit – and make on-time payments so you don’t become some schmuck with a sub-650 credit score – but no need to go above-and-beyond.


The bare minimum really pays off… because a score of 760 compared to 680 could save you over $10,000 in interest over a 30-year home mortgage. A good credit score can also get you better insurance rates and qualify you for the best credit cards (points, points, points).  So let’s recap: pay your s#!% on time and don’t be a hero. BOOM.

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