‘Robo-dogs’ will take over the planet

Brought to you by Sony… and Thursday the company announced that the popular robot dog Aibo will be coming back state-side in September for the first time in twelve years. As you can imagine, the new dog will be about a thousand times smarter than its older 2006 counterpart. The new features include facial recognition and the ability to develop a personality with the help of artificial intelligence (is that a good idea?).


And for a mere… $2,899 you can have your very own Aibo. So, it’s cool – but is it three-thousand dollars cool? That’s for you to decide if you are in the market for a companion robot. However, you better act fast because Aibo is only available for a limited time in the United States.


More importantly… the robo-dog demonstrates that Sony is capable of AI and robotics. That’s right – Sony goes far beyond televisions and speakers. Aibo is a reflection of the company’s broader investment in artificial intelligence and robotics. In the meantime, let’s all hope these things develop “nice” personalities and not vengeful ones.