Should Build-A-Bear really be online?

Remember Build-a-Bear’s … “Pay Your Age” promotion that blew up in the company’s face? Yep – you remember, we remember, they remember – everyone remembers. Every child and their mother (literally) came to get a bear that day. And even though customers left disappointed when stores closed early due to lack of inventory, Build-A-Bear made some serious brick-and-mortar sales.


Long lines at the mall… is something that never happens anymore – except when there is a ridiculously good promotion going on. However, Build-a-Bear has been re-thinking its business model and has bolstered their online presence. After all, Build-a-Bear is usually expensive as $#!t and promotions can’t save them forever.  But it’s BUILD-a-Bear – isn’t half the fun building the bear?


Well, now you can also… order-a-bear, on the internet, like a normal, boring adult. The stuffed-animal company has closed underperforming stores and opened new stores in more popular locations, including three stores in the Mall of America. C’mon, people – Build-a-Bear is an experience, don’t order it online.

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