Sony PlayStation: Your childhood is coming BACK!

This announcement is a blast from the past… because Sony is planning to release a revamped version of the PlayStation and it will be called PlayStation Classic. The system will be released on December 3rd and will cost you $99.99.


The differences… first off, the console will be about half the size of the original. Also, there will be no discs; instead the system will come with 20 pre-loaded games which include “Final Fantasy VII” and Tekken 3.” Sony will announce the other games at a later date.


It worked for Nintendo… who released the NES Classic, a remake of the original Nintendo system from the 1980s. The system sold over 2 million retro devices in just five months. Nintendo also released the Super Nintendo Classic Edition which sold over 4 million devices. And honestly, the PlayStation may do just as well, if not better, given the 90s kids desire for nostalgia…and their overall childhood back.

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