Tech billionaires are arguing about the homeless

And they are… Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. The two are in a contentious debate about how to help the homeless in San Francisco – evidenced by one another’s tweets. So, we’ll lay out both POVs and let you decide who is right…


Benioff wants to see companies… raise money to help the homeless. The Salesforce CEO is even spending money to promote ballot Proposition C, a tax of around 0.5% on businesses gross receipts above $50 million per year. The proposed tax would raise up to $300 million annually which would contribute to housing, mental health treatment, and shelter beds. And to put that figure in perspective, $300 million is double what the city currently spends on homelessness.


Jack Dorsey wants to see the mayor… figure out how to deal with homeless people. The mayor is also against the proposition – basically saying that throwing money at the problem won’t help. Thus, Dorsey is not a heartless sociopath; he thinks there are better ways to solve the problem. What do you think about homelessness in San Francisco?

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