Tesla says ‘nevermind’ about that going private thing

Musk shocked investors again… after announcing that the “better path” for Tesla is to remain a public company. Musk came to find that taking a company private would be more work than originally thought. Oh, and the consensus from shareholders was ‘please don’t do this’ according to Musk himself.


Eh, they didn’t need the distraction… because Tesla is a company with enough of those. First, Tesla must focus on Model 3 production – they need to produce more of those. The ability to produce more of these cars is an important test- Also, the company is trying to become profitable (that’s why we’re in business, right?). And don’t forget that Musk has called this year “excruciating” in part due to 120 hour work weeks.


But it’s not over… not yet, at least. If you recall, Musk tweeted out that Tesla had funding secured to take the company private – he is still on the hook for that statement. Although he further explained his tweet, the SEC is still trying to determine if investors were misled. It looks like the Tesla CEO will be dealing with even more ‘bull-sh#t’ thanks to reckless tweeting.