The website is now a brick-and-mortar

Cut the crap… and visit Amazon’s store that only sells high-rated items. Amazon currently has a physical store that only sells products with high customer ratings – and this includes non-Amazon items, too. To qualify to be featured in the store, the merchandise must be a top-seller, have a 4-star rating or better, or be new and trending on the website.


It is a 4,000 square foot store… that has sections for ‘Most-Wished-For’ and ‘Trending’ that showcases categories normally listed on the website. These sections carry items like the baby blue Fujifilm instant camera and bottles of Gorilla Super Glue. The 4-star ratings are displayed on customer review cards and include snippets from real customer reviews.


This store is yet another example… of how Amazon is moving toward brick-and-mortar. The company will maintain a massive online presence, of course, but it is an interesting move nonetheless. And believe it or not, most retail spending still happens in physical stores.

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