The REAL winner in the sale of 21st Century Fox

And the winner is… Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of Fox, who made $49.2 million over the latest fiscal year. That multi-million dollar figure gives Murdoch an addition $20 million compared to last year.


Oh, and as for his children… both of them made about $50 million each (they’re adults now, okay?). It is probably worth noting the sudden influx of cash for the entire Murdoch family has come in the form of “stock awards.” And a government filing with the SEC makes it clear that these awards were related to Disney’s purchase of the company.


I know they’re rich… but it’s still well-deserved given that Fox’s stock price jumped 75% in the 2018 fiscal year. And the Murdoch’s didn’t sell everything – the “new” Fox will still retain Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcasting, and the FS1 and FS2 cable networks.

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