The restaurant formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts

Apparently, the shorter the name… the cooler you are. Starting in January, Dunkin’ Donuts will be known only as “Dunkin’.” So the word “Donuts” will be missing from advertisements, boxes, and signage at new and remodeled stores and on the company’s official social media accounts.


You know the drill… Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t want people to think that they only specialize in making donuts. The company specializes in coffees, teas, speedy service, and fast food – and they have donuts, of course. Beverages, mainly coffee, make up about 60% of the company’s sales. The rebranding is supposed to modernize the brand and the experience for customers.


This has been a long time coming… because the company announced last year it was thinking about such a move. Dunkin’ even tested dropping the ‘Donuts’ at stores in California and Massachusetts. The name-change is just-in-time for the company to open 1,000 new US stores by the end of 2020. But call it what you want – we call it delicious.

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