The World Cup will be in North America before you know it

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The World Cup will be in North America before you know it

In eight years… it will be 2026, most of us twenty-somethings will be in our thirties (sorry) and it will be North America’s turn to play host to the World Cup. In anticipation of this event, there are 23 cities lobbying for the opportunity to host the games.

It’s cool to host… but easier to let someone else host. Hosting the Cup can make money or leave you penniless and that is important to keep in mind. Brazil hosted in 2014 in hopes of saving their economy but doing so had the exact opposite effect. They spent $3.6 billion on stadiums for the event! And if they didn’t need these stadiums before, what are they doing with them now?

Throwing it back to ’94… when the United States hosted the Cup and only spent $5 million on stadiums. Not counting inflation, that is like 700 times less than Brazil spent. Thanks to the NFL, the US already has stadiums equipped to handle this event with a few tweaks. Take the cost-savings from using existing stadiums, combined with that sweet tourism windfall and add the media circus and one US city may stand to score big in the 2026 World Cup.

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