This is the ‘FinalStraw’ for plastic straws

Meet Emma Cohen… an entrepreneur seeking to ban plastic straws and save the environment. Last year, Cohen met Miles Pepper, a cinematographer with the same passion for protecting the environment and spreading awareness about the harm plastic straws can do. The two set out to create a reusable, and collapsible, straw to rid the world of plastic once and for all!


This is the final straw you’ll need… and the product is conveniently named FinalStraw if you are worried about remembering. Oh, and it is the final straw for plastic straws. The straw has a stainless steel shell, the inside is durable silicon, and it can fold up and go with you anywhere. The straw is also dishwasher-safe – very important, and can clip directly on to your keychain.


People love it… and after 50 hours on GoFundMe the product raised $200,000, and when the campaign reached its deadline, it had amassed $1.89 million from over 38,000 backers. Why did this product do so well? This type of success is a classic example of ‘preparation’ meets ‘opportunity’ as we have been witness to an ever-growing ‘anti-straw’ movement (if you’ve been reading). So be on the lookout for your FinalStraw sometime early next year….

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