This merger will help Serta rest easy…for now

The mattress maker is… Serta, the world’s largest bedding manufacturer that has nearly $3 billion in sales. And now, they just got a little bigger by merging with Tuft & Needle, an online mattress startup. This move is an interesting one because we just saw Casper venture out from behind the computer into the world of brick-and-mortar.


Bad news for Mattress Firm… because Serta supplies companies like them with mattresses. However, with the coming merger, it seems that Serta is looking to get away from that. Instead, Serta is trying to become digital and develop a more significant presence online. The mattress company also hopes to sell more direct-to-consumer, rather than going through a middle-man like Mattress Firm.


It’s Casper’s fault… because selling mattresses in a box over the internet is the way to go. Consumers are going to Casper for the speed, cost-savings, and convenience that you don’t get at a mattress store. These benefits could mark the end for many brick-and-mortar mattress stores – but Serta and Tuft & Needle aim to stay competitive by leaving before this $#!& hits the fan.